Massachusetts gas station carjacking: Woman fights back


A US woman has been hailed as a hero after fighting with a carjacker and spraying him with petrol, before he took off in her car.  

The victim was filling up her Mazda at a petrol station in Massachusetts when a man got into her SUV without her initially noticing.

"When she wasn't paying attention, pumping her own gas, he just hopped right in and tried to take off with it [the car]. He tried to close the door and she fought back," a station attendant told FOX25.

As the carjacker attempted to close the door on her, she managed to douse him in fuel. She struggled with him until he got the car into gear and drove away, dragging the woman along briefly, the Lowell Sun reported.

The woman ran inside the petrol station for help after her ordeal. She suffered minor injuries.

Police found the stolen car shortly after the crime, but the carjacker escaped.

The police department later revealed it had a warrant for the arrest of 32-year-old William Tighe over the carjacking. He is wanted on carjacking, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.