Medics declare woman dead, police revive her an hour later

Paris police
Paris police (Reuters)

A French woman has been revived by Paris police - an hour after paramedics pronounced her dead.

The woman, who has reportedly had anorexia for a long time, was found unconscious by her teenage daughter after suffering a heart attack.

Ambulance staff rushed to the scene but could not revive the 49-year-old.

Police later arrived to write a report, but they saw movement in her stomach when they lifted the blanket covering her, Le Parisien reports.

An hour after paramedics pronounced her dead, the police officers checked her jugular vein and found a pulse.

They called emergency services and were instructed on performing CPR.

After half an hour of CPR, the woman breathed again. She has been recovering for about a week in hospital.

It's an "unimaginable scenario" and a "crazy story" police union regional secretary Yvan Assioma says.

"Our colleagues thought they were in an episode of The Walking Dead!"

He is calling for the two officers to be honoured with a bravery award.

"This is a resurrection after Easter," Jérôme Coumet, mayor of the local area, says.