Meteor sighting lights up US woman's vlog

A Californian woman's live video blog has gone viral, though not for the content - but for the impressive meteor that can be seen streaking across the sky in the background.

Twitter user DaleDemi can be seen speaking to her camera casually before the entire sky lights up behind her, before moving beneath the trees behind her and out of sight.

She is visibly shocked by the meteor, proceeding to ask those watching "Did you guys see that?" repeatedly in her surprise.

The meteor was seen throughout southern California at about 9pm on Monday night (local time).

DaleDemi has since commented that the moment was her "death sighting", and that immediately after she thought the flash of light "was coming at [her]".

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on different platforms, giving Daledemi19's vlog an unanticipated boost.