Motorcyclist crashes after woman's twerking distracts him

Woman twerks as motorcyclist crashes in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian woman's twerking has proven a road safety hazard after a motorcyclist collided head-on with a car after being apparently distracted by her dancing.

Video of the woman showing off her moves and laughing on the roadside as her friend films shows other cars passing by without incident.

The rev of a motorcycle is heard coming along the street as it approaches the dancing woman who cheers him on.

The video captures the motorcyclist flying through the air after the collision.

The woman, known as Masha, partially obstructs the view of the crash, but the impact can be clearly heard with the motorcycle sliding along the pavement, almost hitting Masha.

It was then the panic set in, and sobbing can be heard.

The video shows the rider lying on the ground not moving.

He is believed to have survived the collision, but suffered a broken pelvis, The Daily Mail reports.