Natural justice: Hunter may have been eaten by crocs

Scott van Zyl
Scott van Zyl

The search for missing professional hunter Scott van Zyl, who went missing in South Africa, has been suspended after possible human remains were found in the stomachs of two crocodiles.

If the DNA tests confirm the remains are human, he will be the fifth person killed by a crocodile in Zimbabwe in the space of a month.

Mr van Zyl, 44, went hunting with his dogs and a tracker in Zimbabwe on April 7. The tracker and Mr van Zyl went their separate ways, local media reports.

When the dogs returned to base camp alone, the anonymous tracker raised the alarm.

Mr van Zyl owns a company that takes foreigners on hunting safaris.

Teams of divers, trackers and helicopters have been searching the area, while teams on foot distributed flyers with Ms van Zyl's photo on them.

Eerily, Mr van Zyl's footprints were found leading to a river, where they disappeared. His backpack was found close by.

The decision was made to shoot the two crocodiles after the footprints raised suspicions.

Heavy rains have led crocodiles to turn up in unexpected rivers. 

Victims include an 11-year-old boy who was killed while swimming in a river and an eight-year-old boy who was found after villagers cut open the crocodile with a machete.