New lead promised in Madeleine McCann case

  • 20/04/2017

A new lead in the Madeleine McCann disappearance case will be revealed on Sunday, an Australian current affairs programme has promised.

In a teaser video released on Thursday, Channel 7's Sunday Night claims a new line of inquiry could bring the case closer to being solved.

Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, will also appear on the programme to talk about what happened on the night their daughter disappeared in May 2007.

"I was just screaming: 'Madeleine's gone, someone's taken her'," Kate remembers.

Forensic scientist Dave Barclay will feature on the programme, calling the case "the most baffling" he's ever looked at.

Journalist Rahni Sadler will also speak to the case's lead investigator and criminal profiler.

Last week a former nanny of Madeleine McCann's spoke to The Mirror about the night the three-year-old disappeared from her Portugal hotel room.

The nanny defended Madelein's parents, who had left the girl sleeping in a room with her siblings while they dined at a nearby restaurant.

She said it was very normal for parents to do this at the Ocean Club Resort, and said "there's no way at all" and "not a chance" that McCann's parents are in any way responsible for whatever happened to her.

The nanny also said she felt that the resort was unsafe and she was told by fellow staff to never venture off the site alone, and had been given a rape whistle to carry with her at night.

In October 2015, the case investigating Madeleine's disappearance was scaled down from 29 to four detectives.

To date £12 million (NZ$21m) has been spent on the investigation, and Madeleine's parents say they will never give up hope of finding her.


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