New mother April the giraffe kicks doctor in the genitals

April the giraffe set the internet alight again after a livestream showed her kicking a vet in the genitals trying to protect her calf.

Earlier this year, April inadvertently became an internet star when a livestream set up to film her giving birth attracted about 30 million viewers.

April finally went into labour at New York's Animal Adventure Park on Saturday (local time) - a full two months after the livestream started - and the birthing ceremony alone attracted 1.2 million people.

But now, a moment captured by the camera in the giraffes' pen post-birth has got the internet going again - an unfortunate incident that occurred when the facility's vet came in for a routine check-up.

After feeding April in an attempt to win her trust around the new male calf, the doctor tried to make his way closer to the newborn to give it a medical assessment.

But April, who was clearly still rather hormonal just two days after giving birth, wasn't having a bar of it.

She lashed out with a front leg, which landed perfectly - and, presumably, painfully - between his legs, before following that up with a second kick to the leg that forced him out of the enclosure altogether.

The new footage was a reward for those who'd been tuning in to watch April give birth since mid-February, when her due date was and when the livestream started.

The livestream was briefly taken offline in February after YouTube received reports it contained "sexually explicit" content.

"There is a handful of extremists and animal activists that may not agree with us," the zoo said on Facebook.

"They reported our YouTube cam as sexually explicit, containing nude content which made for its removal on YouTube."


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