No beauty, just beasts: Shoppers tussle for Disney products

Footage of Irish shoppers swarming round a trolley filled with Beauty and the Beast products has emerged, with some saying it shows the "extreme" side of consumerism and Disney fandom.

The video, posted on Twitter by another person at the store, shows a number of people jostling for position at a Dublin store in order to get their hands on mugs that looked like the character Chip from the newly released film.

The store's staff members can be heard urging the shoppers to take just one mug and to disperse because they were blocking a fire exit in the short clip.

The mugs are reported to have sold out in an hour - and purses bearing Chip's face are also said to have been snapped off shelves quickly in previous days.

The Chip mugs have proven popular not just in Ireland, but throughout England as well, with most stores having sold out of the products.

The footage, later posted to Facebook, drew widespread derision from users of the social media site - with people referring to the hype surrounding the Chip mugs as "bonkers", "extreme", "idiotic" and accusing those in the clip of "spoiling" their children.