'No negotiation' on Gibraltar, unless residents want it - UK

  • 07/04/2017
Gibraltar (Getty)
Gibraltar (Getty)

Britain will seek the best deal for the British enclave of Gibraltar in its departure talks with the European Union and there will be no negotiation of sovereignty without its citizens' consent, Prime Minister Theresa May said.

After meeting European Council President Donald Tusk at her Downing Street residence, Ms May said Britain was looking forward to formally beginning talks with the European Union once the bloc has agreed its guidelines.

"The PM also made clear that on the subject of Gibraltar, the UK's position had not changed: the UK would seek the best possible deal for Gibraltar as the UK exits the EU and there would be no negotiation on the sovereignty of Gibraltar without the consent of its people," Ms May's office said in a statement.

Spain has said it wants joint sovereignty over Gibraltar.

Reuters / Newshub.