North Korea a problem that 'will be taken care of' - Donald Trump

  • 14/04/2017

US President Donald Trump says Pyongyang is a problem that "will be taken care of," amid speculation North Korea might be on the verge of a sixth nuclear test.

Mr Trump, responding to a question about what his message is for North Korea, said, "North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of" on Thursday.

The statement came soon after the US dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb in combat on an Islamic State-affiliated target in Afghanistan. 

He said he believed Chinese President Xi Jinping would "work very hard" to help resolve the challenge.

The President said he had spent a lot of time with Mr Xi last week in Florida.

"I have really gotten to like and respect President Xi. ... He's a very special man. I think he's going to try very hard."