North Korea blows up US in alarming video simulation

Defiant North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has chosen to celebrate an important national holiday by sanctioning a video simulation of a missile being fired at a US city - all set to rousing music.

The video played above what appears to be an 100-member orchestra, which performed for more than an hour to commemorate the Day of the Sun, a holiday that celebrates the birth of Kim Jong-Un's grandfather and former president Kim Il Sung.

The clip shows a ship carrying a ballistic missile heading out to sea, where it is launched. The nuke flies over the Pacific Ocean and into the US - though the explosion happens so quickly that it's not immediately obvious which part of America is being attacked.

The video then cuts to a graphic that features a badly damaged US flag in front of dozens of white crosses, symbolising the lives that would be lost at their hands.

Members of the North Korean military, who were invited to attend the orchestral concert, can be heard shouting and erupting in spontaneous applause as the clip is played.

The orchestra's performance is believed to have been broadcast across North Korea, and was also posted on YouTube - a video sharing platform that the country has recently started to use, in order to share propaganda.

North Korea were recently put on notice by US Vice President Mike Pence, after a failed missile test and a huge display of missiles in the nation's capital, Pyongyang.

Mr Pence said recent US military strikes in Syria and Afghanistan have showed that the resolve of US President Donald Trump should not be tested by Kim Jong-Un.