Nude dude in good mood helps elderly couple

A British man has been arrested after video emerged of him walking along a busy road wearing nothing but shoes and socks.

The stark naked man shamelessly walked along the street last week, stopping to wave at passing vehicles, talking to strangers and even helping an elderly couple lift a wheelchair over a fence.

The couple appeared to be bemused by the man's nakedness, but had no issue with accepting his offer of help to get their wheelchair onto their property.

The footage was posted on Facebook and shared widely, with many commending the man on his very apparent self-confidence - but others were left befuddled by the man's actions.

The man also drew criticism because he had a dog with him, which a number of eagle-eyed Twitter users noted was not on a lead despite the moderately heavy flow of traffic passing them by.

According to reports, Norfolk Police have confirmed they are questioning a 32-year-old man over the act of public nudity.