Opinion: Donald Trump the warmonger could spark WWIII

OPINION: It has taken Donald Trump less than three months to flex his military muscle, and now the doomsday clock is ticking ever louder.

First Mr Trump's US forces attacked an air force base in Syria last week, before detonating the world's largest non-nuclear weapon on an Islamic State (IS) complex in Afghanistan this morning.

Mr Trump talked up a big anti-IS game when he campaigned for the White House, but it is the speed and enormity of the attacks that have surprised many, especially perhaps the enemies of the US.

Russia, North Korea, and Iran will no doubt be awakened, and perhaps a little frightened, by Mr Trump's forceful military actions.

Mr Trump famously touted he knew "more than the Generals did" when he was running for President, and he has now drawn a mighty line in the sand.

He also claimed he would destroy IS by "bombing the sh*t" out of them". It's hard not to argue he's done just that this morning.

The new US President clearly wants to be seen as a much 'stronger man' than his predecessor Barack Obama when it comes to using the US military.

What will he do next and where?

North Korea seems the likely candidate if Kim Jong-un keeps up his sabre-rattling rhetoric. Already the US has moved an entire aircraft carrier strike group to the Korean peninsula, further ramping up tensions between the rogue state and its southern neighbour and her Western allies.

Mr Trump said only today that Pyongyang is a problem that "will be taken care of," amid speculation North Korea might be on the verge of a sixth nuclear test.

It will be very interesting to see what North Korea's only true ally, China, does about the precarious situation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Mr Trump in Florida only last week, and no doubt the North Korean situation was discussed at length.

Mr Trump and Mr Xi do not want a trade-war, let alone an all-out war over North Korea, but Mr Trump is fast shuffling his deck of cards in a war-like fashion.

He has already hit Bashar al-Assad's Syrian government and the IS heartland in eastern Afghanistan with a couple of right-hooks; why wouldn't he do the same thing to Kim Jong-un?

The next few weeks will be defining for Mr Trump's presidency, and perhaps for world peace.

There are now almost 15,000 nuclear weapons stockpiled around the world, and if North Korea decides to use its small arsenal, then Mr Trump is not only playing with fire, but possibly with the end of the world.

Tony Wright is a reporter/producer for Newshub.