Paedophile 'witch' released from jail, moves in next to school

  • 04/04/2017

Residents of a Melbourne suburb have been left in fear after a notorious sex offender was set free from prison and cleared to move into a house three doors away from a primary school.

Robin Angus Fletcher became infamous in 1998 after using Wiccan witch techniques such as hypnotism to lure and prostitute two 15-year-old girls, in the belief they were "high priestesses of the dark covenant".

In March, Fletcher was released thanks to a Victorian court ruling after spending 10 years at a prison facility for sex offenders, and he moved to the suburb of Cheltenham.

An investigation by 7 News revealed the 60-year-old had moved to a neighbourhood that has a high population of young families, and into a house that is just 100 metres from Le Page Primary School.

A kindergarten and childcare centre are also within 500 metres of Fletcher's property. That's left residents in the area fearing for their children's safety - especially as many kids walk straight past his home on their way to school.

Police regularly visit Fletcher, but as of yet that has been strictly to take a closer look at his living arrangements - but a move from the Department of Justice to lengthen his supervision order for five more years was thrown out.

A judge found Fletcher did not pose an acceptable risk to the community in February.

Newshub / 7 News