Parking warden run over trying to ticket car

  • 26/04/2017

A body camera on a British parking warden has captured the terrifying moment when he is run over by a car he's trying to ticket.

Warden David Drury was flipped in the air in the incident, which took place as he was trying to ticket the vehicle's driver for parking illegally.

Mr Drury can be heard yelling "Jesus wept" after being struck by the 17-year-old's vehicle in Kent.

The incident took place in July and the footage emerged this week at the teenager's trial in Maidstone Crown Court. 

Mr Drury said teen Michael Johnson's car was parked on a kerb overlapping a pedestrian crossing, and says he was in the process of writing a ticket for the offence when Mr Johnson emerged from a nearby burger joint.

Upon seeing Mr Drury and his workmate Rikesh Solanki about to issue the ticket, Mr Johnson called them tossers and jumped in his car, before accelerating at pace straight into the parking warden, the court was told.

He was hit and told the court that the "hard impact" caused him to flip over Mr Johnson's bonnet, "onto the passenger side and onto the pavement".

Mr Johnson says he didn't mean to hit the warden, labelling the crash an accident.

"I got the burger, got into the car and just drove off and accidentally hit him. I had turned the wheel to the right and drove off," he said.

When asked why he didn't stop after striking Mr Drury with his vehicle, Mr Johnson said he didn't know he'd struck him - an explanation that doesn't answer why he later hid the car in a neighbouring field.

The driver has denied a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and dangerous driving.