Passengers terrified as plane fills with smoke mid-flight

A domestic flight in Nigeria became a horror show for passengers when the cabin began filling with smoke.

Smoke can be seen pouring into the cabin while passengers can be heard praying, chanting, and crying before the plane made an emergency landing on Wednesday.

Twenty minutes after takeoff smoke began to fill the cabin, according to Oriakwu Okwesilieze who was on the Aero Contractors flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos, Nigeria.

On Twitter Ms Okwesilieze said the passengers were in a state of panic for about 35 minutes as the smoke became so thick they couldn't see.

"I prayed and quoted all the Bible verses I could think of. I was shaking, the plane was moving up and down, women were screaming at the back.

"Everyone on this Aero Contractor flight could have died today but for God.

"Pilot said we should calm down but something was burning, smelling and the smoke got thicker, the alarms went off but he said to calm down?"

The blades were also sparking and oxygen masks failed to drop from the ceiling - so passengers were given wet towels to cover their mouths and noses with.

The plane was met by firefighters when it landed, and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is investigating, The Daily Mail reports.

Contrary to passengers' claims of an engine fire, a spokesman for the airline told Sahara Reporters that an alarm sounded and smoke filled the cabin after a passenger went into a lavatory.