Pauline Hanson launches attack on chocolate bunnies

Pauline Hanson has released a bizarre video encouraging people to only buy Australian-made non-halal certified chocolates for Easter.

The One Nation leader, who isn't afraid of speaking her mind, shared her tips in a Facebook video.

"One of the biggest complaints I have had since being elected is about Halal certification," she says.

"It was my promise to you that I would do something about it."

In the video she says "go and buy some non-certified halal Easter eggs and chocolate".

In the past Ms Hanson has publicly said she doesn't want Australia to be overtaken by Muslims, questioning her country's immigration stance.

Thankfully, Ms Hanson is open to Kiwis making Australia home and even saying it should be easier for New Zealanders to get citizenship.

The video has been viewed nearly 40,000 times.