Pauline Hanson launches attack on ... crocodiles

Pauline Hanson has called on the Australian government to cull crocodiles, for the benefit of the country's tourism industry.

She said in a press conference on Wednesday that "culling needs to be done" after a spate of attacks in the far north of Australia in recent weeks.

Ms Hanson said to anyone who objects to the cull, "I would say 'go for a walk along the river or the beach'. I don't believe they will.

"It is a big problem that needs to be addressed for the tourism industry as well."

Ms Hanson's One Nation Party recently announced it would introduce "crocodile ranches" and egg collection initiatives if it is elected to government.

"We want to work hand in glove with indigenous communities to collect those eggs, and start crocodile farms throughout Queensland for commercial purposes so they can have their own businesses," said the party's Queensland leader, Steve Dickson.