Pistachio pig outrages long-haul flyers

  • 06/04/2017
The photo has drawn outrage from Reddit commenters (Reddit)
The photo has drawn outrage from Reddit commenters (Reddit)

Long-haul flights are never fun even at the best times, but it's brought out the worst in a passenger on a flight from the US to Ireland.

A user of web forum Reddit uploaded a photo of a girl eating pistachio nuts and chucking the shells on the floor.

The image drew outraged comments on the r/mildlyinfuriating section of the site, users shocked at the messy traveller.

The full photo of the pistachio flicker (Reddit)
The full photo of the pistachio flicker (Reddit)

One commenter wrote they would "hit the button for the flight attendant and then point at the girl and loudly say, 'Do you have a vacuum? I think she dropped these on the floor.'"

Another replied: "But maybe she doesn't need a vacuum, because she sucks."

The photo also drew comments from flight attendants reflecting on what they had to deal with on long-haul flights.

"I've been handed a dirty diaper, a cup of vomit, used tissues, and a cup of dip spit," one flight attendant wrote.

"People are absolutely disgusting."

The image also drew comments from people thanking flight attendants for what they had to put up with."

"Thank you for doing what you do," one person wrote. "Flight attendants are always the nicest people. I can't imagine the stuff you have to put up with, but you always seem to make flights bearable by being the one good thing about them."