Police fake drug bust for teen's elaborate promposal

A high school student in Georgia, US has come up with an innovative way to ask his crush to prom - although the effort was so traumatising she didn't seem totally convinced she'd say 'yes'.

The teenager got his local police department in on the elaborate 'promposal', which started with his pick-up truck being pulled over where things quickly escalated into a full blown drug bust scenario.

The entire incident was caught on a Peachtree City police officer's dash-cam video, which begins with the him at the teen's driver side window, asking him for his license and registration.

He explains to the teen he's being pulled over on suspicion of drug possession, before pulling him and his girlfriend out of the vehicle and taking them closer to his own car.

As the officer searches the truck, he finds a zip-lock bag with an unknown substance in it and proceeds the pair if they know anything about it.

They both deny any knowledge and the teen is then put into handcuffs while the officer interrogates his female companion over whether she knows it is marijuana and asking if she was planning on using it.

At one point, he hands her the bag to have a look inside. She refuses, even after the officer reassures her that she won't get into any trouble - but she still won't look so the officer has to remove the bag's contents himself.

He takes out a note and shows it to the girl, who takes a full three seconds to read it and realise the entire thing was a set-up.

Her response was rather mixed to say the least.

"Oh my God, that was not funny!" she yells at the officer and her wannabe date, who is now carrying a sign that reads 'Say yes, or you're under arrest!'

However, after taking a long time to give him an indication on whether she would actually go to prom with him, the officers have to ask her to provide an answer.

She finally answered with a yes and an uncomfortable side-hug before complaining again about how scared she was - indicating their coming together may make for a rather awkward prom date.

Newshub / CBS News