Protester vs tank: One woman's brave act of defiance

This month alone, 22 people have been killed in incidents related to protests in Venezuela. Scores more have been injured.

Security forces have used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons against the protesters, who have been characterised as "vandals and terrorists" by President Nicolas Maduro.

From amongst the violence, a moment compared to Tiananmen Square's man standing down a column of four tanks has emerged.

As an armoured vehicle makes its way down an empty street, a woman jogs to catch up. Moving in front of the vehicle, she places her hands on the fender, forcing it to a halt. 

A man emerges from a hatch in the roof of the vehicle, throwing an object onto the road. He then backs up the vehicle. The woman follows.

The anti-government protests are calling for elections. The anger is in response to high rates of unemployment and major food and medicine shortages.

The identity of the woman in the video is unknown. She is known locally only as La Dama.

Three people were killed during the "mother of all marches", the protest "La Dama" was taking part in. Two were protesters and one was a member of the security forces.