Racing for Nando's not enough to break road rules

fried chicken nandos (Getty)
The urge for Nando's cost the driver AU$300 (Getty / file)

Australian police say there's no excuse for breaking the road rules - even if you're hungry.

A driver was pulled over at 6:45pm on Monday (local time) after running a red light in Wanneroo, West Australia.

Their excuse? "I'm in a rush to get the kids Nando's."

West Australia Police Traffic tweeted a copy of the infringement notice and said the reasoning wasn't good enough.

"Nando's chicken is good, but lives are put at risk every time you drive through a red TCL (traffic control light)," they wrote.

"There is simply no excuse!!!"

The driver copped a AU$300 penalty and six demerit points, before being let go to feed the hungry kids.