Racist woman digs even deeper hole in TV interview

A woman who racially abused an AFL player has dug herself an even deeper hole while trying to defend herself on national TV.

Maxine Spratt slammed Adelaide Crows star Eddie Betts as an "ape" on Facebook, saying he should "go back to the zoo where him and his family belong".

The furious tirade came after her side lost to Betts' team on Saturday night.

She later denied the rant was intended to be racist, telling 7 News she has "part Aboriginal in [her]" and she "[doesn't] find that racist".

She said she's since received death threats for the rant, which was prompted by the fact she "didn't like the players... Never have liked them, never will like them".

"There's been a few people who want to meet up and smash my face in, and beat me in my partner up," she said.

Ms Spratt defended her comments to 7 News, saying "not all Aboriginals" find being called an ape offensive.

She later apologised to Betts if he was watching the broadcast.

As she wasn't a Port Adelaide member, the club was unable to ban Ms Spratt from attending any games.

Her account has since been deactivated by Facebook.