Rogue alligator handcuffed by US wildlife officers

Louisiana wildlife officers have used an unusual method to detain a rogue alligator, with some questioning the need for them to use handcuffs on its hind legs.

Two officers from the Wildlife and Fisheries department in Slidell were called to a house after the alligator was found lounging in the garage.

The video of the officers trying to tie the animal up is arresting. One of them uses a lasso to drag the hissing gator onto the front lawn as it does 'death rolls' until it tires itself out.

As one places their foot on the gator's mouth, the other straddles it to tape it shut.

Its mouth now closed, the first officer places handcuffs on one of the animal's hind legs.

But when he realises one pair just won't be enough, he attaches a second set to the first and then to the other leg to secure them and "keep him from climbing out".

The video was posted by the St Tammany fire service which was also called to the scene.

Many of the comments joked the alligator wasn't read its rights before being arrested.

One of the officers, Brett Nabors, replied, saying "didn't have to, I knew there would be a language barrier, so I never intended to question him".

Others praised the officers as "brave", some hoped PETA didn't see the video, while others asked whether it was actually necessary to cuff the animal at all.

The alligator was eventually released to a nearby swamp without charge.