Rolled joint launched into space

  • 19/04/2017

Vice have taken getting high to new heights, after the media network launched a joint into space. 

The edgy news website attempted to send a high-altitude weather balloon carrying weed into space to launch 'Weed Week' - a week of programming about the drug and its many uses. 

The joint was launched from the Nevada Desert, US, where recreational marijuana was legalised in 2016. It fell back to earth at a speed of 321kmh. 

Vice used Facebook to show the launch to the world, going 'live' as the balloon took off into the air. However it didn't quite reach space, only reaching 34.2km above ground. It would have had to go 70km higher to each what is really considered 'space'. 

The video of the high flying joint goes for almost two-and-a-half hours on Vice's Facebook page.

It received over 6500 views and commenters got in on the weed-based humour.  

"What do you reckon the drop fee is from the tin house to the Russian satellite?" one person asked. 

 "Least ya know when you go that high, that you'll have time to think about ya life for abit" another joked. 

Vice has historically been a strong campaigner for the legalisation of marijuana.