Rollercoaster stuck at Six Flags Theme Park

  • 14/04/2017
Stuck rollercoaster at 6 Flags Theme Park
24 people are on board the jammed coaster (Twitter)

A rescue team is currently working to safely bring down stranded riders to the ground from a stuck roller coaster at Six Flags America theme park in Maryland.

The local fire service say a total of 20 riders were aboard the Joker's Jinx rollercoaster when it stalled. 

The riders are stuck about 300 metres in the air, but authorities said none of them are in major distress, and were remaining calm.

The car is stuck at a 30 degree angle, Fox News reports. 

Fire officials say the rescue team plans to remove the children first from the roller coaster ride and lower them to the ground in the safety of their fire truck ladder bucket.

Six Flags America said in a statement "Joker's Jinx did not complete its regular ride cycle, causing it to stop at a safe location on the track.

“The Prince George's County Fire Department is onsite to assist in getting the riders safely off the ride. The safety of our guests is our highest priority and the ride will be closed for a thorough inspection before reopening.”