Schapelle Corby set to return to Australia

Schapelle Corby (Getty)
Schapelle Corby (Getty)

Schapelle Corby is set to return back to Australian soil after what was meant to be a holiday to Bali turned into 13 years, including almost a decade in jail.

In 2004, on a flight from Brisbane, authorities in Denpasar found 4.2kg of cannabis in her unlocked boogie board bag.

Corby, who was a beauty therapy student on the Gold Coast, has denied from the start she knew about the drugs.

However, under very strict Indonesian laws, Corby was in jail at the notorious Kerobokan prison for nine years before being released on parole in February 2014.

While she was let out of prison, her conditions required her to stay in Indonesia until 2017 to finish her sentence.

She's now set to be deported back to Australia on May 27 after she checks in with her parole officer for the last time.

Corby's Balinese parole officer Ketut Sukiati said she didn't expect the 39-year-old to check in again until her deportation.

"We expect her to be busy this month because of her preparation to go home next month, so I am not expecting her to report this month," she told Fairfax Media.

While going home after such an ordeal would seem exciting, Ms Ketut says Corby "looked normal when she said it, not too excited or anything".

She was "relaxed" in those meetings one-on-one meetings, but in the presence of media, her demeanour changed.

"If there was no one she was friendly, fine, she will greet everybody, smile, she will say good morning to every staff member. But if there is media around, her face changed, she closed off."

Having left prison, Corby has been living a quiet life, ignoring the sporadic instances of media filming her doing everyday errands like buying groceries.

Ms Kuta wondered why media were so interested in her.

Bali's Ngurah Rai immigration office head, Ari Budijanto, says Corby will follow standard procedure for her deportation.

She'll be taken to an immigration office while awaiting her flight.

Unlike much of her stay in Bali, she'll have to do that alone.