Scot attempts CPR on pigeon, fails miserably

A woman from Glasgow has become a viral sensation after footage emerged of her trying to save the life of a pigeon - by giving it CPR.

In the short clip, the Scot can be seen wrapping her lips around the bird's beak in a failed effort to get it in a position to breathe life into its lungs.

She follows that up by trying to carry out a series of chest compressions on the lifeless pigeon, quickly pressing between its wings in an attempt to revive its heartbeat.

The kind act proved unsuccessful however, and in a sad moment she can be seen holding out the bird to see if it will fly away - but its head simply droops, showing that it is still very much dead.

Feral domestic rock pigeons, which are hugely common in cities like Glasgow, are known to carry viruses similar to that of influenza and pneumonia - though experts argue the chance of contracting a disease from one is minimal.

The person who filmed the footage claimed she saw the dead animal being eaten by a seagull later in the day.