Scratchie stitch-up leaves man stunned after 'win'

Video has emerged of a worker in the United Kingdom heartbroken after being the victim of a workplace stitch-up.

The worker, known as Jimsy, was filmed by his co-workers supposedly winning more than half a million dollars on a lottery scratch card.

The man who posted the video wrote, "so we just got a guy in work wee Jimsy with one of the fake lottery tickets, his reaction is absolutely priceless."

In the two minute video, Jimsy is speechless after finding out he has won.

"No way, no way, no way, no way, man," he says repeatedly.

 After leading Jimsy on long enough his co-workers came clean, revealing it is a fake ticket.

"That's bad, man," he says in disbelief, before the video ends with a depleted looking Jimsy.

The video posted to Facebook has had more than 40,000 views.