See the house made entirely of mirrors

Building a house is normal, but building a house made entirely of mirrors is something to look at.

US artist Doug Aitken was the mastermind behind the house dubbed "Mirage" which is not only made of mirrors on the outside, but inside too.

Mr Aitken said he decided to build the house in the Californian desert near Palm Springs because it offered many different views depending on what angle you were looking at.

"I had been working on it for several years, and thinking about how to find a place with the view I needed," he told VICE.

"I wanted a perspective that sort of looked down into suburbia, and looked down on the sprawl."

The house was built as part of the Desert X exhibition of art where artists can use the natural landscape and surroundings in California to create pieces of art, allowing artists to express their creativity.

The house is entered into the exhibition which ends on April 30, however the house will remain open until October for visitors to go and see.