Student dies after choking in pancake-eating competition

Student dies after choking in pancake-eating competition
She had eaten four or five when she began to shake (Facebook)

A US student has died after choking in a pancake-eating competition.

Caitlin Nelson entered the contest at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield on Thursday (local time).

She had made her way through four or five pancakes when she began to shake.

"She starts to choke on pancake and someone recognised it - one of the nursing students at the competition - and she caught her and brought her slowly to the ground," Fairfield Police Lieutenant Robert Kalamaras told the New York Post.

"And then she began CPR, basic life support, until officers showed up less than two minutes after the emergency call was made by one of the nursing students."

Emergency services attempted to clear Ms Nelson's airways, but were unsuccessful and she died in hospital.

"It's a tragic event that started out as something fun," Lt Kalamaras said. "It was just a tragic accident."