Surprise photobomber distracts from rugby star's marathon picture

  • 24/04/2017
Surprise photobomber distracts from rugby star's marathon picture

A Saracens star who posted a proud photo of his wife as she prepared for the London Marathon was startled to find a photobomber in the background.

Petrus du Plessis shared a photo of his wife, Lisa du Plessis, after she got dressed in her gear for the marathon on Saturday (local time).

"Good luck to everyone running it! Rather you than me!! She is ready!" he tweeted, alongside three crying-laughing face emojis.

But unfortunately, those replying focused less on Ms du Plessis and supporting her ahead of her race, and more on what was happening in the background.

The couple's dog, a Jack Russell named Toffee, had snuck into the background and, rather unfortunately, was taking a poo at the time of the photo.

"Lisa's dog seems to be shedding some excess race weight..." Twitter user DannyBoomHead replied.

Chris Brady summed it up simply: "What a sh** photo," he tweeted.

Out of the 25 replies the tweet received, only one was wishing Ms du Plessis well for the race.

"Very proud of Lisa running the London Marathon, but you've been eclipsed by 'Toffee' our dog!" du Plessis tweeted after the race.

While on her husband's account, the focus was on Toffee; on Ms Plessis' s account she proudly shared a photo of her finishing medal.