Teen parents don't know where newborn baby is

  • 17/04/2017

Teen parents in Sydney, who were the subject of an urgent police search last week, do not know where their baby is after they were discharged from hospital.

Jayden Lavender, 14, and Jenifer Morrison, 15, fled the hospital with their three-day-old baby last week, and were found safe and well by police the next day.

They've now been formally discharged from hospital; however, they do not currently have their newborn baby under their care, The Daily Telegraph reports.     

They claimed a social worker had a "vendetta" against them, after the baby was not allowed in the 14-year-old father's house due to safety concerns about domestic violence and drug use.

The parents were aware their baby had been discharged from hospital, but knew nothing about where she was.

"I just want to know if my daughter is okay. I'm her father," Mr Lavender told The Daily Telegraph.

"It's crushed me now knowing she is not at the hospital.

"Jenny has been crying all day."

His mother told the paper the social worker was treating them unfairly, and the safety concerns about domestic violence and drug use related to a foster son who no longer lived in the home.