Teens, dog flee scene after brutal car crash on UK street

Police are on the lookout for three people who were in a car that lost control and wrote off two parked vehicles and damaged two more in north east England.

The incident, which took place on a quiet Grimsby street at 6.15pm on Tuesday night (local time), shows the crash taking place just over 20 seconds after a cyclist had passed by.

CCTV footage of the crash shows the car slamming into the side of a parked Peugeot before spinning out and crashing into a van on the other side of the street, damaging two other vehicles in the process.

As alarmed residents come out to survey the carnage, one teen is spotted exiting the car out of the driver's door, before two other occupants escape out the back with what appears to be a border collie.

Witnesses say the trio then ran down the street to an intersection before flagging down a passing vehicle for a lift.

The crash resulted in a local band's van with all their equipment in the back being damaged - and witnesses say if any moving vehicles or pedestrians were coming down the street at the same time, there would surely have been a death.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.