Terminal ferocity: Passenger attack on pilot caught on camera

A US man faces an assault charge after he got off a flight and started a fight with a pilot at Kansas City International Airport.

Edward Foster, 49, can be seen in CCTV footage exiting an American Airlines plane behind the pilot, who has not been identified.

After following him out of the gate, Foster apparently tries to get past the pilot in an attempt to take a photo of the pilot's badge, KSHB reports.

The pilot appears to brush him away, and that's when it escalates.

In brushing him away, the pilot knocks Foster's phone to the ground. Foster then grabs the pilot and drags him by the arm. The pilot manages to stay on his feet, but Foster soon steps toward him and delivers a heavy shove, causing him to trip over his luggage, leaving lacerations on his legs, local police say.

The pilot grabs his luggage and heads for the terminal exit doors. Foster is seen pursuing him but police say the pilot met his wife outside and left quickly, the Daily Mail reports.

It's not clear what caused the fight. A police report says Foster was angry at the pilot - who was off-duty and only a passenger - for allegedly taking up too much room in the plane's aisle and being disrespectful.