The school that teaches kids to skin animals

Students at a British primary school are learning skills like skinning animals, chopping wood and fishing.

West Rise Junior School on England's south coast is teaching outdoor adventures as part of its curriculum.

"We're the only state school to do things in this way and the children themselves are from a varied demographic, and we feel a responsibility to give them as many opportunities as they deserve," head teacher Mike Fairclough says.

Mr Fairclough says many of the children come from homes which could not normally afford to take part in activities like pigeon shooting, and they are relishing the opportunity to hit the outdoors.

He believes that the outdoor experience teaches the kids life skills and also benefits them in the classroom too.

"If we weren't having an impact academically - then all of this would be a waste of time," he says.

The school rents a plot of land from the council for $1700 a year.

Fairclough is challenging other schools to open their mind to outdoor teaching.

He says everything that the school does on its plot of land can be replicated in smaller urban environments.