This new hoverboard will boost you 3km into the sky

Video has emerged of a new hoverboard that its inventors claim can boost you more than 3km into the sky.

The inventor, Franky Zapata, says the Flyboard Air can hover for as long as 10 minutes and has a top speed of 150 km/h.

According to Daily Mail, original "Flyboards" were water based and attached to hoses, however the Flyboard Air allows the user to fly unattached through the sky.

Flyboards have been popular around the world already but Mr Zapata says he wanted to keep developing the product.

"I am proud to see our machines evolve on six continents and to witness the sensations they evoke, whether to beginners or confirmed users," he says.

"Who has never dreamt of leaping out of the water and soaring through the air, free of all constraints? This is the dream that is at the origin of the products we propose."

Mr Zapata says his product uses an independent propulsion unit to fuel itself sky-ward.

While the new version is not on sale just yet, the early model of the board costs more than NZ$20,000.