Uber driver takes boyfriend's mistress to his doorstep

Uber driver takes boyfriend's mistress to his doorstep

An Uber driver in the US has shared her story about how she inadvertently drove her boyfriend's mistress right to his front door.

Bree, from Florida, documented the encounter on Twitter. Her story, which comes with many a twist and turn, has since gone viral.

It also started when she thought her boyfriend was out of town to New York to see his mother in hospital.

"He had luggage and packed everything I stayed with him the night befor [sic]," she tweeted.

Around an hour later, she picked up a woman at the airport where she asked to be taken to a familiar address - her boyfriend's apartment block - but not the specific apartment number.    

At this point, the ride is going as any other would.

"We in the car and we just riding she telling me about herself I let her help herself to my dam water In my backseat [sic]

"She was playing music about love that was relating to my dam man the whole time and my dum ass in the car like yasssssss [sic]," she recounted.

They arrived at the complex where her boyfriend lives.

"My stomach starts to drop as we get closer to a familiar building and I see his car outside."

Her boyfriend came out of the apartment where things got a bit heated.

Heartbroken and "hysterical", Bree drove off and called some friends with the woman's luggage still in the car.

Asked by many who followed the story how such a thing could happen, she replied the Uber system gives drivers the closest fare, it "doesn't discriminate against side bitches".

Needless to say, Bree is single now.

And she's still waiting to get her rating for the ride.