UK man goes on tractor rampage, with a booze stop


A man has ended up in a Leeds courtroom after a fight with his girlfriend turned into booze-fuelled rampage through a village on a stolen tractor.

The destructive ride only ended when he crashed into a telegraph pole which then fell onto a parked car.

The saga began with a row between 22-year-old Richard Robinson and his girlfriend. He'd been drinking and she was driving in the village of Holmfirth. The court heard that Robinson stormed out of the car and broke into a nearby stable.

He stole a tractor, drove it through the stable's closed gates, and into the centre of the village where he parked outside the Bargain Booze liquor shop and went in, the Daily Examiner reports.

He soon emerged and carried on his spree, just as the tractor's owner spotted the stolen vehicle.

Robinson hooned down another road and lost control. The tractor crashed into a wall and a telegraph pole, which fell onto parked Citroen, worth £7500.

Robinson fled the scene but police found him at a nearby property. He tried to fight off the officers, kicking and injuring one in the leg and another in the arm.

He suffers from mental health problems, and expressed remorse for drinking, the Daily Examiner said.

Robinson admitted aggravated vehicle theft, damage, assaulting two police constables and failing to give a specimen. He was sentenced to 11 months prison, suspended for 18 months, and was banned from driving for two years.