UK snap election: Brenda goes barmy

One woman's incredulous response to the announcement that British Prime Minister Theresa May had called an early election has become a hit on social media.

The woman, identified only as Brenda, was interviewed on her thoughts on a snap election - but it was clear BBC correspondent Jon Kay's question was the first time she'd heard about it.

The question made for a comic response from Brenda, who was totally bemused by the news and expressed her annoyance after finding out she would have to be voting for the fourth consecutive year.

"You are joking," she said, looking straight into the eyes of the reporter.

"Not another one?! Oh, for God's sake, I can't. Honestly. I can't stand this.

"There's too much politics going on at the moment. Why does [Theresa May] need to do this?"

Brenda is likely not alone in her voter fatigue. Several political experts have noted that last year's EU referendum and 2015's general election may mean there is lower turnout at the snap election on June 8 this year.