UK woman gives birth after 16 miscarriages

hand holding baby feet close up

A UK woman has defied the odds by giving birth to a healthy baby boy after 16 miscarriages.

Kayleigh Wood from Cambridgeshire had suffered a series of miscarriages after first becoming pregnant at 16. She told The Daily Mail giving birth to baby Reggie in October made it all worth it.

Ms Wood, 26, said she used to "cry all the time" for the babies she had lost.

"But to hold Reggie in my arms at last was the most wonderful feeling and helped make up for all that devastation."

Ms Wood had her first miscarriage after accidentally falling pregnant at 16. She then lost more babies over the years, but says nothing was done to investigate the cause.

"I kept going back to the doctors, who told me it was 'just one of those things' and nothing was ever done to look into why I was losing so many babies."

When she fell pregnant with her partner, Tony Garner, she said she was "terrified" she was going to lose this one too. When she made it to her 12-week scan - the first time she had ever reached that point - she said she "still didn't dare hope that it was going to work out".

But baby Reggie, weighing 2.5kg (5lb 4oz) was born safely at Peterborough City Hospital just two weeks before her due date.

"The moment when I finally held him in my arms at last was just indescribable. It was the most amazing feeling," said Ms Wood.

"He went some way to healing all the hurt. I feel so incredibly lucky. He is such a happy, contented baby. He's always smiling.

"I still feel sad that I have lost so many babies, but he has finally made my life complete."