United Airlines won't be firing anyone over passenger dragged off flight

Defiant United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz says no one will be fired after the violent removal of a man from an overbooked plane resulted in worldwide condemnation.

Executives from the  company also insist that it's too early to tell whether ticket sales have been affected by the incident  - but its shares are down 4 percent.  

Mr Munoz has offered an apology to the injured passenger. It's a change of heart since Mr Munoz's initial attempts to label Dr David Dao as "disruptive and belligerent".

Several passengers filmed police pulling Dr Dao from his seat with such force that he suffered concussion, two broken teeth and a broken nose. The man was dragged through the aisle as passengers watched in shock. 

Dr Dao standing in the aisle after the incident (Kaylyn Davis/Twitter)
Dr Dao standing in the aisle after the incident (Kaylyn Davis/Twitter)

Dr Dao, 69, was asked to leave the flight to help free up seats for crew members who needed to reach a flight leaving the next day.

Dr Dao refused to leave as he said he had appointments with patients to attend the next day.

Mr Munoz said the incident was the result of "failure across various areas, so no, there was never a consideration for firing an employee". 

He said he would not be stepping down as CEO of the company.

"You can and should expect more from us, and as CEO I take full responsibility for making this right."

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz (Linkedin)
United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz (Linkedin)

The airline has announced a change in protocol that will see police no longer called to remove passengers from overbooked flights. Staff members will also have to book seats one hour before departure time.

Dr Dao's lawyer has told media there will "probably" be a lawsuit.

Watch the video to see the incident for yourself.