Watch adorable baby hippo Fiona take shower

  • 21/04/2017

Fiona the baby hippo was born premature - but she doesn't let her small size stop her!

She weighed just 13kg when she was born, and was put on a special feeding regime.

After her morning weigh-in at the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona went for a wander.

Knowing how much hippos like to be wet, her carers had set up a hippo-proof shower.

"Fiona's morning routine includes walking onto a scale to get weighed and moving from there to the kitchen to drink about 60 ounces of formula. To encourage activity, her care team lets her explore the Fiona-proofed areas of the building (chaperoned)," the zoo wrote on Instagram.

"A few days ago, she walked into the dive room shower and stood there. Since hippos like to be wet, her caregiver turned on the water. Fiona played and eventually took a nap with the water running."

Fiona the hippo - an inspiration to us all.