Woman in Uber loses it, threatens to falsely accuse driver of rape

A woman's unprompted and uncontrollable tirade at her Uber driver has been caught on camera.

Throughout the abuse the woman screams at the driver and repeatedly threatens to call police and to spit in his face, while kicking, and hitting his car.

The woman threatens to "violate him" and refuses to get out of the vehicle. Screaming for the driver to call her boyfriend when her phone battery dies, he refuses, so she threatens to tell police, "you're raping me".

The driver says she sees him driving and, "You think I'm nobody. You don’t know me." 

The woman tells him to go back to his country, and says, "Donald Trump's gonna send you Afghanis back, get the f**k out of my country".

Yelling at people on the street from the parked car, and turning violent when she sees she's being filmed, the driver says he's been driving for Uber for three years and has never had a problem.

When she finally exits the vehicle, he addresses the camera and apologises for his language: "This is the Bronx…we got stupid b****s out here."

"This is what Uber drivers go through every single day. People disrespect us, talk s**t to us like it's nothing. Welcome to New York."