Woman who weed on Trump golf course 'relieved' despite losing case

Donald Trump playing golf in Scotland (Reuters)
Donald Trump playing golf in Scotland (Reuters)

A woman snapped taking a leak in a sand dune at one of Donald Trump's golf courses is "relieved" a judge has ruled she shouldn't have been photographed.

Carol Rohan Beyts, 62, has long campaigned against the golf course, reports the Associated Press.

In April 2016 Ms Beyts was photographed urinating by staff members. She claimed to have a bladder problem, and had no choice to relieve herself on the Trump International Golf Links Scotland course.

Ms Beyts sought £3000 in damages, but an Edinburgh Sheriff Court judge said while her privacy should have been respected, she wouldn't be getting any money.

The judge said because she'd publicised the incident - talking about it on Facebook and anti-Trump websites - she clearly can't have been too distressed.

But he also warned the golf course managers that "taking pictures of females urinating in the countryside put themselves at real risk of prosecution under public order or voyeurism".

Ms Beyts said afterwards she was "very relieved".

"I was only interested in clearing my name when the Trump organisation representative spoke of me committing a deliberate and shameful act within a few hundred feet of the clubhouse in full view of staff and guests."

Trump International Golf Links accepted "justice has prevailed", but said Ms Beyts would have used a toilet if her "intentions had been honourable".