World's 'hottest crim' kicked out of UK

It all started from this mugshot (file)
It all started from this mugshot (file)


Jeremy Meeks, the infamous 'hot felon' turned model, has been booted out of Britain.

Meeks became famous when his mugshot spread across the internet when he was arrested in California in 2014.

He was charged with felony weapons possession and criminal gang activity and was sentenced in 2015 to two years in prison.

Upon his early release from jail in 2016 he was snapped up by a modelling agency, and was planning to work in London, The Daily Mail reports.

It is believed he was deported back to the United States shortly after arriving in the city, because he had incorrect paperwork.

"I'm very, very saddened and confused. I went down there [London] with high hopes for the experience and the UK," he told The Daily Mail.

"I really wanted to go there. I still don't understand quite what happened but I know there's no ill will. They're [Border Force] doing their job."

Meeks said border force agents detained, interrogated and searched him.

In a Snapchat story he said "I'm sick of this s**t. I've been denied. London don't want me here having served my time. S**t is crazy."

He was with his wife and manager Jim Jordan at the time.

Mr Jordan said "We went into the UK and we went through immigration and they detained Jeremy.

He wasn't arrested but they deported him out of the country. They wouldn't let him come into the country."

Mr Jordan said Meeks is "really upset".