1 in 4 children starving in Kenyan province

The drought in northern Kenya has reached such a level that more than 380,000 children are malnourished and starving.

The government has declared a national disaster after the third consecutive year with little rain.

In Marsabit County, the warning signs are everywhere - both women and children underweight and short on food.

"It is an emergency. There are a few interventions by the government and other NGOs but it is never enough," World Vision's Golicha Did told Newshub.

In Ambalo, it's easy to see way.

The land is dry and barren. These people are farmers, but livestock are giving in to the heat.

"The children are starving and are totally dependent on food aid," Ms Did said.

Door to door screening of households in this region has revealed that more than 40 percent of children are suffering from malnourishment.

Over time, this can permanently affect both their physical and mental development.

World Vision is doing what it can to stave off hunger and illness, but one family has already paid the ultimate price.

Tiya Abdub Molu lost her baby girl just three weeks ago. With limited food for her family, she struggled to breast feed.

"My child was born healthy but needed therapeutic feeding," she told Newshub.

"She went to hospital but passed away... She was just four months old."

The famliy had seven cattle, but only one is still alive.

"This is really devastating. It's affected all communities in northern Kenya. We just need support," Ms Did said.

It's support so the next generation can grow up without fearing sickness and hunger.

Michael Morrah travelled to East Africa with assistance from World Vision. Click here to donate to the East Africa Hunger Crisis campaign.