101-year-old man becomes world's oldest skydiver

A 101-year-old Brit has broken the record for being the oldest person to skydive - and he did it in style, with four generations of family members diving alongside him.

Verdun Hayes said he was "absolutely over the moon" after completing the challenge.

The World War II veteran was accompanied by 10 family members, including his 74-year-old son, his 50-year-old grandson and 16-year-old great grandson. 

Mr Hayes just pipped the competition for the world title - the previous record holder was 35 days younger than him, at 101 and three days.

Verdun Hayes back on solid ground (Screengrab)
Verdun Hayes back on solid ground (Screengrab)

It wasn't his first skydive, either. He first dived last year to celebrate his 100th birthday. He told The Telegraph he wasn't at all nervous during his first dive.

"I want to get the record for Britain. My first dive had no effect on my nerves, I wasn't worrying about it. I was just thinking, 'Get me up there!' 

"The landing was nice, I just put my feet up and slithered along my bottom. The worst part was having it all filmed, there were so many cameras there!"

Watch the video to see the family skydive.