Abused orangutan finally tastes freedom

Video has emerged of the heart-warming moment an orangutan was released from the small box it called home for two years.

Kotap was kept in the  box by his captor in the south east Asian country of Borneo.

The video released by International Animal Rescue shows him being rescued from the box - that had only  straw and a plastic bottle inside to keep him company.

According to the Daily Mail, the four-year-old ape was so frightened of the outside world he hide in a corner of the box when his rescuers first opened the hatch.

"This poor orangutan had been kept alone in the dark for two long years - half his entire life. He was deprived of everything an orangutan needs to survive in the wild," International Animal Rescue CEO Alan Knight told the Daily Mail.

"At four-years-old, he should still be with his mother, learning from her how to climb and move through the forest, what foods to eat and what to avoid, and how to build a nest in the trees to sleep in each night."

Try not to shed a tear as young Kotap steps into the free world for the first time.

Watch the video.