Aussie man attempts to lasso shark, gets bitten

Video has emerged of possibly the stupidest thing anyone has ever done with a shark.

Queenslander Josh Neille, 29, dived into the water off Cape York in far north Queensland after a shark was caught on a fisherman's rod.

He can be seen trying to lasso the shark with a piece of rope before the three metre beast literally, bites back.

"Ahhhh it bit me!" Mr Neillie can be heard shouting as he tussles with one of the world's most dangerous creatures.


He quickly gets himself back onto the boat where he shows off a bite mark on his thigh, before the shark is pulled from the water and later killed.

The video was posted to YouTube and has been viewed more than 66,000 times, however many have been quick to attack Mr Neillie himself.

One person simply saying, "idiot" and another person even challenged him to "try it with [an] adult great white next time."

Mr Neille has since responded saying it was a "regrettable decision."

"[It] was a stupid move however the plan was to release the shark."

After the attack he says he was trying to save the shark but decided to eat it instead.